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GreenBeams.com aims to provide ready-to-use solid hardwood beams and posts for sustainable construction.

We provide a brokering service and a source of experience for the following:

  • Buyers considering building with hardwood beams or posts: - GreenBeams.com offers various species of engineered wood beams in different sizes allowing customers to buy timber online and also includes relevant structural information on their use. Here is the list of beams we currently have available.  

  • UK wood Suppliers involved with felling trees and sawing timber: - All species of timber should be considered for structural use. If you are a timber yard interested in selling your seasoned or unfinished hardwood to the construction industry, then Greenbeams.com can take charge of brokerage. Please fill out our Suppliers Table to list your timber with Greenbeams.com and email the completed form to info@greenbeams.com.

  • Buyers looking for seasoned logs for use as firewood: - These are genuine waste from the production of structural timber beams. Information on how to procure our green or semi-seasoned logs is available to read here.

  • Stockists and sawmills with barns or dry buildings that could be used for storing timber: We are looking for places to store hardwood beams while they’re drying to increase their value. If you would wish to discuss this further please get in touch.
  • Those interested in timber ecology and using timber to offset carbon output: - By using chunky timber beams you are banking carbon in one of the safest places which is currently available... our buildings! Green beams help to reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, and are therefore a proactive strategy for carbon offsetting through capture and storage.


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