About Carbon Offsetting


Do you want to find out more about carbon offsetting?
Are you looking to construct or extend a building, while reducing your carbon footprint?
Do you or your company wish to prove that you have definitely purchased a block of carbon that should be trapped for decades to come?

The GreenBeams.com brokerage service may be used to offset detrimental carbon release, by paying for carbon capture, and at the same time helps establish a low carbon society. There are several differences from other commercially available companies offering carbon forest offset using the planting of sapling trees.


  • While planting sapling trees is commended, GreenBeams.com deals with the real but much more difficult aspect of banking the carbon that has been captured in semi-mature trees.  This is much more important.

  • Carbon offset companies offer a rate of something like 20p per tonne of carbon dioxide, which may become effective in 60 or so years time (i.e. too late for action this critical decade).  GreenBeams.com requires £500/tonne for a saving.

  • We can however, promise that for any some of money a massive lump of carbon will be put aside to be saved from decay for centuries to come.

  • Not only does GreanBeams.com capture carbon, but it also provides a good sustainable structural design alternative to concrete (responsible for 5% of the world’s carbon emissions) and steel (1.75 tonnes of carbon release for each tonne produced). Carbon savings will therefore be 170% times the weight actually stored.

  • The timber supplied through GreenBeams.com is grown in the UK so transportation is minimised.  Processing is similarly minimal so that the timber has a much lower carbon value than commonly quoted.
Are we certified?

It is likely to take many years for GreenBeams.com to gain the funds, staff, and recognition to reach the standards required by the UK government and or EU. It has taken four years for funds to be made available for the web site.  Unfortunately the laws of physics that are driving global warming will not wait.

There will inevitably be conflicts between saving the planet and getting certified. We prefer to concentrate on the former.  In the short term therefore any money will be expended on promoting and paying for the storage of timber.

Problems with Offsetting

This website has been set up to promote and assist with the replacement of high carbon products with a sustainable structural design. We would welcome assistance from any organisation or any individual that is looking to assist with such environmental projects that have no significant other funding. 

The concept of offsetting flights as offered by other carbon offset companies as a means to keep flying is not considered viable. There is an exceedingly high probability that our actions today will lead to loss of life in the developing world in the short-term and to the younger generation in the medium-term. 




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