Buy Affordable Hardwood is an easy to use site that enables you to quickly locate affordable hardwood for sale in your area and to buy log beams or posts for structural uses. The site encourages the use of chunky softwood or solid hardwood beams rather than gluelam beams and other highly processed timber.

Why choose timber from
  • We provide and advise on the use of robust and affordable hardwood that is green or semi-seasoned for use as joists, round wood beams, a timber lintel, a beam/purlin roof or a timber portal frame.

  • Hardwood structures in our buildings provide an ideal carbon store that should prevent the carbon from being released back into the atmosphere through burning or rot and decay.

  • Moreover a timber lintel can be used to replace a pre-cast concrete member or steel beam that would generate large amounts of greenhouse gasses in production.

  • They also reduce the need for imported softwoods and highly processed gluelam beams.

  • Use of chunky timber will therefore reduce the carbon footprint of any structure, and we are pleased to provide a certificate testifying the tonnage of carbon saved.

  • Some solid hardwood beams can have a greater durability than commonly used softwoods, concrete or even galvanised steel, especially in saline environments.
  • can provide structural information about the different British hardwood species to help select the right type of engineered wood beams for your hardwood structure.

  • Using timber is not only environmentally friendly, it looks good too, and therefore affordable hardwood can be used for exposed beams and ceilings.

  • By using green beams to offset carbon, you will receive a carbon-offsetting certificate. An example of the certificate is shown on the next page.




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