Unfinished Hardwood

You fell it, we can sell it!


We urgently need hardwood timber supplies. UK timber yards can now sell unfinished hardwood or seasoned hardwood directly to the construction industry through GreenBeams.com. Cutting the beams requires less effort than chopping for timber fuel.  Any wood put into storage now is almost certain to increase considerably in value making it a green investment.


GreenBeams.com acts as a broker to sell semi-seasoned and unfinished hardwood and chunky softwood beams of various grades and different species. We are particularly looking for British timber in:


  •  beech
  • Sycamore beams
  • Ash timber 
  • Lime beams
  • Oak members 
  • Sweet chestnut beams and posts
  • Beech beams
  • Birch beams


We are also interested in any other heavy timber such as Douglas Fir or second hand timber such as pitch pine that has not been recently imported.


UK timber yards only have to fill in the hardwood Supplier’s Form, as outlined in Selling Your Timber, to provide as much detail as is conveniently available. We will add engineering data and advertise the timber online to engineers, architects, building contractors, and the public. We will add the information that specifiers in construction need to know.


The required price should reflect the difference between freshly cut unfinished hardwood supplier-inspected beams and almost seasoned wood. Suppliers can add value by having the timber graded orTractor moving oak for timber beams. even test loaded (see Quality Assurance pages). It is recommended that timber should be kept in storage for at least 8 months so that the form of initial shakes and twisting can be seen. Species such as ash may need to be treated to prevent woodworm. Log timber Suppliers can look to take short-term profits on green hardwood or aim for larger long-term profits by seasoning timber that has been cut and allowed to dry in storage, waiting for prices to rise!




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