How Does it Work

Offsetting with

As the concepts of:

  • preparing hardwood beams to use in place of steel and concrete
  • using chunky timber to store carbon in building structures

are not recognised as worthwhile by any government body or large company, any sum is expended on:

  • purchasing timber
  • getting it sawn
  • storing it
  • finding a user

Any return on the sale of timber will be reinvested in either further timber or into research into structural uses of various British hardwoods.

Send an email indicating how much you wish to expend.  Costs are in the region of £600/tonne of CO2.

Sums of £1,000 or more can be processed with an immediate order for the timber.

Promises of hundreds of pounds will be compiled to make an efficient order.

You will receive progress reports with pictures of your carbon offset as previously described.