How to Sell Your Timber

Timber Harvesting to Maximise Carbon Capture and Profit:

These notes on the timber harvesting procedure are likely to conflict with popular concepts and with currently available grants for replanting new saplings.

  • There is scope to sell British hardwood for around 700% of the value currently made on fuel logs.

  • Trees should generally be felled before they reach maturity. After this the pith of the trunk starts to decay and older trees tend to give out more carbon than they take in.
  • Once felled, the tree can then be allowed to grow again as coppices or pollards to produce a further four or five quick growing (and therefore stronger) trunks from the original root system.
  • By selling hardwood or chunky softwood to the construction industry throughTree allowed to grow as coppice. as solid hardwood beams, log timber suppliers should see a better returns than have been available for decades.
  • Cut trunks and large branches to the sizes suggested for selling hardwood timber

  • See information on the sale of waste logs to make further profits.

Selling Hardwood and Chunky Softwoods:

Log/timber suppliers can look at the "Process for Suppliers" for detailed information on how to sell your timber on




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