How to Store Air-Dried Hardwoods


If you have dry buildings that could be used as industrial lumber storage sheds, register them at Send details by fax or email or fill in the online form and we will put you in touch with timber Suppliers looking for storage.

Your sheds could be used for the proper air-drying of timber beams, while also protecting them from woodworm, dry rot and wet rot. The value of the air-dried hardwood will rise considerably over time.

How to store for proper air-drying of timber beams:

1. Make sure that the storage area is clear of rubbish and debris, and free from any vegetation.

2. Windy sites may increase the drying process but trees and buildings may provide further shelter from any rain.

3. Make sure that the timber is in the correct position, as it will be difficult to move once stacked.

4. Be sure to have firm foundations and allow suitable spacing for the timber to dry evenly and water to drain away.

5. If it is possible to choose to the season then air-dried hardwoods should initially be stocked in winter, as the mild drying conditions are less likely to cause cracking.

6. With air-drying a moisture content of 14-20% can be achieved, which should make it unlikely for it to be susceptible to woodworm, dry rot and wet rot.






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