Philosophy for Saving the Planet

We believe that:

  • There are compelling, long-term environmental reasons to reduce carbon emissions within the construction industry.
  • Steel and concrete are over-relied upon and used excessively. They should generally not be used except for projects that will have a major benefit to the environment such as new railways.
  • Tree planting will always be the key to a sustainable future for the planet, but if timber is burnt or left to decay the carbon stored inside will often return to the atmosphere within a few years. Timber beams that are used in buildings today will store carbon for life of the structure i.e. perhaps hundreds of years.
  • There is an untapped demand for the structural use of hardwood beams in modern architecture.  Even for conservation projects we are importing most timber. is a company offering a sustainable solution to the excessive use of concrete and steel in modern structures. Use green beams in your building, reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, and help with saving the planet!

For a full transcript on how civil engineers should be saving rather than ruining the planet, see "Nation in a State" or for a condensed version the "State Of the Nation" page.