Strength of Timber

Certification of Grade

  • Timber is a natural material and therefore not all of it will be of the same quality. Grading of hardwood is necessary as it can give a better indication of the strength of timber and how it will perform. Separating the grade and strength classes of timber ensures that the quality of the wood is not to low, or to high, for the purpose.

  • There are few people in the UK who are qualified to grade hardwoods, yet Structural & Civil Consultants has a Certified Hardwood Grader who is also a senior Structural Engineer. There are advantages in the grading of hardwood, but members can be employed to their optimum if the strength of timber can be specifically graded for a particular use, even if that lies outside the scope of the British Standards.

  • By using construction lumber grades the correct timber can then be chosen for the right project.


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