Process for Suppliers

Process for all tree surgeons, sawmill owners or storage agents supplying structural members 
  • Read the general notes on the Supplier's pages, and cut trunks and any large branches to the sizes suggested for selling timber.

  • Complete a Supplier’s Table. This should include details about the timber itself, where it was grown and when it was cut, sizes and lengths, as well as any woodworm treatment that has been applied. The log/ timber Supplier should also indicate the required price for each element, excluding transport but including a 10% brokering fee (11.75% after VAT).

  • Send or fax or email the forms to The data will be checked and further details, such as the safe working loads, will be added based on the information provided.

  • Details of the available timber will be entered on the website, which will be promoted to the construction industry.

  • If a Buyer expresses interest in any of the beams they will be placed in contact with the Supplier to discuss a transportation fee and any other information required.

  • On completion of the deal, the Supplier notifies of the particulars.  This is based on trust.

  • The Supplier will be invoiced 10% of the deal (excluding any transport costs) as a brokering charge, plus VAT (i.e. 11.75%). VAT will still be charged on brokerage and professional fees for Listed Building Projects, even where supply of materials is otherwise exempt.

  • At least once a year the Supplier’s Table for timber held in stock will need to be updated. It is anticipated that there will be a 20% increase in the value of timber held in store over the first few years to reflect its partial dry state.

  • If there are no deals made, there will be no payment due.