Timber Consultants

About Us

GreenBeams.com is a company that provides Suppliers and Buyers of timber green beams with:


1. A brokering service between those selling and buying the hardwood.

2. Opportunities for promotion and publicity.


3. The ability to offset carbon by storing it in timber beams.


4. Engineering help and accessible expertise from timber consultants.


Here at GreenBeams.com we care about the environment and using green beams from our website will help to store carbon and reduce the need for steel and concrete. We are also one of the first companies to provide useful engineering and architectural data on available timber beams, all put together by timber consultants.

The project was set up by Structural & Civil Consultants Ltd., a team of structural engineering consultants based in North Yorkshire. Structural & Civil Consultants Ltd. have much experience in hardwood truss design, timber connection design, and design of oak beams, and have in their team a senior engineer who is also a certified hardwood grader. They also have many years of experience in all types of projects, so whether you need a historic building engineer, or are starting a new build, there will be technical advice available to you.

When buying green beams, you will have the reassurance of having help and assistance available to you through timber consultants.


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