Timber for Sale

Buy green or semi-seasoned beams through GreenBeams.com brokerage from a UK wood supplier.

How to buy: 
  • Decide on the size and species of semi-seasoned beams that you wish to purchase by looking at the Properties of Hardwood Table along with the other Structural Uses of Timber pages for any structural design in hardwood. Remember oak isn’t always the ideal species, especially for use in dry buildings with central heating.

  • Should you need any additional advice before purchasing any timber for sale, please feel free to contact us. 

  • Check the available types of timber for sale from UK wood Suppliers, by looking at the Available Beams and Posts table. This gives a list of the price of the timber, which will reflect the quality and the amount of drying that has taken place to date.

  • Once you have decided on the green or seasoned beams you want, email your order to info@greenbeams.com along with your contact details for us to forward to the Supplier. Let us know whether you would like a carbon saving certificate from GreenBeams.com.

  • The timber Supplier will contact you by phone, fax or email

  • You can then discuss means of payment and any transportation fee.


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