Process for Suppliers

Process for fellers, sawmill owners or storage agents supplying waste timber as logs:
  • Complete a Supplier’s Table for Waste Logs indicating the type of wood, where it came from, and the sizes available. The Supplier should also indicate the required price, excluding transport but including a 10% brokering fee (11.75% after VAT).

  • The forms should be sent or faxed to The data will be checked and further information added, such as the calorific value of the logs.

  • Details of the available waste will be entered onto the GreenBeams website.

  • When interest is expressed in any of the logs, the waste wood buyers will be placed in contact with the supplier to discuss details and a transportation fee.

  • On completion of the deal, the Supplier notifies of the particulars.

  • The Supplier will be invoiced 10% of the deal (excluding any transportation costs) as a brokering charge plus VAT (i.e. 11.75%).

  • At least once a year, the Supplier’s Table for waste logs will need to be updated.

  • If no deals are made, there will be no payment due.