Suppliers Table for Waste Logs


Suppliers of timber waste should fill in the Supplier’s able to provide details of logs to be sold.


Please email for a full supplier's table for timber waste.

Supplier Name & Post Code      Comments
Supplier's ReferenceRef Ref Ref Ref Ref To help identification 
Timber Source
     Approx location 
Species of Timber     Oak, ash, beech, sycamore etc
Max Length of Log     Show unit (m, cm, mm, ft or ins)
Average Length of Log      Show unit (m, cm, mm, ft or ins) 
Average Width at Mid-point      Smaller rectangular dimension (with unit) 
Date Sawn or Split      Month and year 
Moisture Content      If measured, at 20mm from surface 
Date Measured     Month & year when m/c taken 
Storage Conditions       In dry shed, in open, in heated area? 
Storage Location      Nearest village or Post Code 
Delivery Available?      Yes/No. Price to be negotiated 
Min Quantity Supplied      Similar beams in batch 
Quantity Available       
Selling Price Ex VAT      After allowing 10% commission  
Selling Price Incl VAT (if registered)      After allowing 11.75% commission