Waste Wood Recycling

Suppliers of Timber Waste

In addition to selling timber for structural use, GreenBeams.com is also interested in waste wood recycling. We understand that after the production of beams there will be wood waste and management of this means it can also be sold on GreenBeams.com.


If you have waste wood, there are many reasons to sell it on our site:

  • The number of wood burning stoves is increasing rapidly, and therefore so is the demand for logs.

  • The current supply of seasoned logs is poor.

  • GreenBeams.com provides a more professional touch by providing information about the wood, such as the date of sawing/splitting that may be wanted

  • Waste wood buyers will know that the logs are genuine waste from the production of structural beams.


Waste wood recycling will also help the environment. Wood should not be left to rot, as will decay to methane, which is 24 times worse than carbon dioxide.